About CovidWatcher

What will it take for New York City to open safely for everyone and to rebuild its economy? In the new normal, there’s a lot we don’t know yet. You can tell us about your challenges and what you need to get through the pandemic by filling out these surveys.  CovidWatcher is specifically designed to fill in the gaps in knowledge on how COVID-19 is impacting all New Yorkers.  

New Yorkers can help government and community organizations make the right decisions about healthcare, jobs, education and social services. Survey responses will help decision-makers better understand how to prevent the spread of the virus and mitigate the far-reaching socio-economic impacts it is having on our communities.

If we want government, businesses, philanthropy, community and advocacy groups to act strategically and make smart decisions, we have to tell them what we know. We have to share what is and is not working for ourselves, our families and our communities. Thank you for completing these surveys and asking others to do the same.

Community partners help us ensure CovidWatcher reaches New Yorkers across all boroughs, income-levels, communities, ages, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. We are making our data available to community organizations, city officials, and healthcare institutions. Data collected will be mapped geographically to help community partners understand the impacts on high-need and at-risk New Yorkers. 

You can respond to the CovidWatcher surveys anonymously on the Web or through the CovidWatcher app (iOS or Android). CovidWatcher is a research project approved by Columbia University Institutional Review Board (Protocol #AAAS9690). All survey answers are kept on private, secure servers and no personal information is distributed.